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  • Increase your leisure time
    No need to take out, move or turn the hose tap on or off
  • Protect your landscape investment
    Flourishing shrubs, plants, fruits, vegetables, trees and lawn add that special touch which makes your home more beautiful and valuable
  • Save money with precise watering
    Use the right amount of water, in the right places, at the right time and avoid over watering your lawn and driveway
  • Help the environment
    Healthy lawns and gardens remove more CO2 and add more oxygen to the atmosphere
  • Increase Property Value
    A well kept landscape can increase your homes value by up to 15%
  • - Source: Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal business.

Yes, I think they are a good company. I had no problems. They came when they said. They seem to do a good job. It's definitely working. They are good. I recommend them. I'm very satisfied with my system.

- Bernie G.

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